29 October 2012


We've created a doodle that has turned in to a monster! With his gnarly fangs and spiky horns, he is one  feisty Scribble Monster! We have a special Halloween promotion at the moment in our shop and it's the last couple of days to get a BOO! T-shirt on the discount! It's also available in Men's sizes too! Offer ends 31st Oct.

26 October 2012

15% Off Our A/W 12 Collection!

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27 September 2012


We are giving away a T-Shirt of your choice from our NEW COLLECTION! Hurrah! Here are the way in which you can enter!

Winner selected at random after the giveaway has closed on 30th Sept 2012. 
Good luck!

26 September 2012

I Love Cats. 4eva. IDST.

Click here to shop the I Love Cat T-Shirt

We've had some great feedback on our new I love Cats T-Shirt and it is proving very popular with all the feline fans out there.  We have a pet cat ourselves and nothing makes us happy than seeing his little fluffy face when we come home from work!

We took a lot of photos during out Look Book photo shoot and here are some extra ones from behind the scenes, where we accessorised the T-Shirt with some super cute cat ears and colourful spiky bangle.  We had two full days in the photo studio and had so much fun styling the new designs. 

This is another one from the new collection where the style of t-shirt is more fitted than the last season's range. We enjoy printing on the black, and maybe we will do a special glow-in-the-dark one for Halloween! 

25 September 2012

As If T-shirt. Inspired by Clueless

As If T-Shirt > Click here to shop

Here's one of the T-Shirts in the new collection, our AS IF motif is inspired by cult classic chic flick, Clueless. In our second collection, we asked blogger Temporary:Secretary to model and style our pieces and here's what we have come up with for this one. She's a huge fan of Clueless and the ever stylish Cher Horowitz! The first couple of photos is worn with a black body con skirt with a topknot bun and a cute stripy nautical hair band. The second is more girly, with the cropped tee styled with an A-Line mini skirt and a big and pretty hair bow from Little Fille.

We experimented with the printing techniques for this one and eventually decided on the vintage "worn" affect with the black ink to reflect that Clueless is now an old classic (to our generation, anyway!). Unlike our first collection, we now stock a few more styles so we have cropped and also a t-shirt with a wide neckline. 

What do you think of this T-Shirt? And how would you style it up? More importantly, do you think Cher would approve? 

21 September 2012

The New Offbeat Collection

The New Offbeat Collection by Hero&Cape

Today sees the launch of our newest collection! Called 'The Offbeat Collection' is features the usual cute and unique hand-illustrated graphics you would expect from Hero&Cape. With this new collection we have introduced some new T-shirt styles including a tunic-style
T-shirt and an oversized cropped top. For all you David Bowie fans, we also have a very special Aladdin Sane T-shirt thats been specially illustrated for us by Sarah over at Temporary:Secretary! As you can see from the pics, The Offbeat Collection was also styled and modelled by Sarah who did a fantastic job, don't you think?

All of the products are now up on our site and available to buy so why don't you hop on over there and have a look for yourself at www.heroandcape.com!

1 August 2012

Unsuspecting Hero now available!

Unsuspecting Hero at www.heroandcape.com The first issue of the Unsuspecting Hero range is now available from www.heroandcape.com!

We have launched the new Unsuspecting Hero range with a capsule collection by Lee Pitman. The collection is inspired by comic and alternative popular culture, both of which are great interests of Lee's!

It's been a pleasure to work with Lee Pitman and we are delighted to be able to bring to you this fantastic new collection. We look forward to hearing what you think of it and we look forward to bringing you more collaborations for Unsuspecting Hero!

29 July 2012


www.cybercandy.co.uk www.cybercandy.co.uks www.cybercandy.co.uk www.cybercandy.co.uk www.cybercandy.co.uk www.cybercandy.co.uk Look what arrived at the office a few days ago! This box of goodies was a birthday gift from the guys over at Temporary:Secretary. It was such a nice surprise when this box of goodies arrived, I'd never heard of Cybercandy before so it was so cool to see so many different American sweets in the box!

As you can see from the pictures we're huge peanut butter lovers here at H&C and there is such a variety of sweets and drinks available on the Cybercandy website. I have spent hours just browsing through all the products on the website and there are so many cool American products that I've heard of but never tried!

The styling of the website and the brand message is also super cool. The strong retro/comic theme is so consistent, and combined with the candy and confectionary products really took me back to my childhood when I used to go down to the newsagents and browse through the comics and buy sweets and pop! They've even made their newsletter look like an old school comic!

Anyway, enough talking, I'm off to munch on my sweets! Get yourself on www.cybercandy.co.uk and see how cool it is for yourself!

24 July 2012

The new 'Unsuspecting Hero' range

Illustrated and screenprinted clothing at www.heroandcape.com

Illustrated and screenprinted clothing at www.heroandcape.coms

Illustrated and screenprinted clothing at www.heroandcape.com

Illustrated and screenprinted clothing at www.heroandcape.com

August will see the launch of the new 'Unsuspecting Hero' clothing range from Hero&Cape. This new line will be the focus of exciting collaborations with guest graphic designers and illustrators!

Issue #1 is by a super talented and good friend of ours, Lee Pitman who we featured in a Q&A post recently. Lee has created an amazing collection of graphic T-shirts inspired by his love of comic book heroes and pop culture.

The images above are just a brief glimpse of the exciting products which will be available on our website from the 1st of August! So don't forget to head over to heroandcape.com and check out the hero's work for yourself!

We'll be back to tell you lots more about this exclusive range and the collaboration!

24 March 2012

Featured in Star Magazine!

Hero&Cape featured in Star magazine

There was a nice little surprise for us in this weeks Star magazine! Our Peter Pan Collar T-shirt was featured in issue 424's Lust List feature!

We currently have a 25% off discount code for March, so get yourself over to www.heroandcape.com and use the code 'MEGAMARCH' at checkout. Go on treat yourself!

8 March 2012

Resident Hero #001 - Lee Pitman

Barghest Illustration

Grizzly Man Poster

The Villain Screenprint

Let us introduce you to our first ever Resident Hero, the magnificent Lee Pitman! He is an illustrator, art-director,  and photographer. Lee will be working closely with us for the next few months and will have his own Hero&Cape capsule collection, as well as art directing one of our upcoming photoshoots!

What is your day job?
I work as a graphic designer/art director for a design & marketing agency - kind of like a poor man's Don Draper with less scotch and more tea.

How did you get into your job?
A lack of options. My dyslexia was undiagnosed throughout school, which meant I wasn’t going to set the academic world alight. I had always been good at drawing so I kinda ran with it and through trial and error I have found myself doing stuff I enjoy and am pretty good at.

What do you like best about what you do?
I like that things have to have a point or an idea, not just things that look good, which to me is key to marketing. I have taken this into my personal work and have made it a lot more than it would have been without it.

Tell us a bit about your collaboration project with Hero&Cape
The collaboration is a match made in heaven - my love for T-shirts and screen printing drew me to Hero&Cape and I feel we have the same interest in pop/alternative culture. I have been given a great opportunity to just run with a few crazy ideas and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Who or what is the main inspiration behind your work?
I would love to throw a cool artist, band or author's name at you but if I'm honest with myself I would have to say Star Wars. I know that destroys all my credibility but it introduced me to my first love.. cinema. With that came other films and other subjects - mythologies and the idea of good & evil. These things have always been a big influence on my work and are still important to me today.

Which piece of your work are you most proud of?
I'm proud of the Grizzly Man poster because it was a marriage of my love of art and film. I painted the picture with my fingers which meant I had to force myself not to get hung up on details - after years of using computers it was quite difficult! I entered it into a competition, where it came 3rd, but more importantly it was seen by the distributors of the original film and I now have a copy of the poster signed by the director Werner Herzog.

What is your favourite/most important possession?
I would like to say some kind of family heirloom but I don't have any. I have a fetish for cameras and photos and I have spent a lot on screen printed posters, but my mac is my pride and joy - without it I would be lost.

What one thing do you do better than anyone you know?
I have a real problem remembering peoples' names yet I can remember, word for word, quotes from films I saw 10 years ago - I feel it's far more useful!

What was the last movie you watched and what do you give it out of 10?
I watch a lot of films, in some ways films are my music and I will just listen to a film in the background. The last film I really watched was Shame, which was very good, I would give it 9 out of 10.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
I've told you a MILLION times not to exaggerate!

What is your life long ambition?
To keep moving forward and upwards in everything, even if it's the tiniest of increments. Oh and get a Samurai sword.

Smart or Casual (clothing) and why?
I try to walk that wobbly line of smart/casual, but if I'm honest with myself I tend to be more casual/scruffy. It's not that I don't take pride in my appearance, it just so happens that I'm usually in some sort of T-shirt, jeans, boots and hoodie combo.

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?
I have a vast pool of useless knowledge on subjects of little or no value, so I would go for 80's cartoon theme songs - from Transformers to Samurai Pizza Cats I have it covered.

Lee's capsule You can find more of Lee's super cool work at www.leepitman.com

5 March 2012


Mega March 25% off at www.heroandcape.com

It's MEGAMARCH here at Hero&Cape! That is good news for you, as it means a smashing 25% off all orders from heroandcape.com for the whole of this month!!! So what are you waiting for! Treat yourself to some springtime goodies and enjoy the sunshine!

Use the discount code 'MEGAMARCH' at the checkout to get your discount!

3 February 2012

Heroes & Capes & Sebastian Blake

Its been an exciting start to 2012 for Hero&Cape! This first bit of exciting news for the year is that up and coming musician Sebastian Blake has been sporting his Hero&Cape T-shirts in his live performances and his new music video! Check out the pics and trailer above for the music video and the Facebook page for the band Nichiren.