8 September 2011

Inside My Sketchbooks

I know its been a long time since the last post! It's been a busy first month for Hero&Cape! Thank You to all our customers who have kept us busy!

So, seeing as this is a bit of comeback post I thought I'd make it as special as possible! I wanted to share with you some pages from my sketchbooks that I filled during the research phase of the whole Hero&Cape project. With these sketchbooks, the idea was just to draw everything and anything and see where it would take me! It's nice just to be alone with a sketchbook and a trusty fineliner!

Looking back at them now, I still see some illustrations that have potential to make it onto a Hero&Cape product. Having grown up in the 90's, I think it would be amazing to have a collection inspired by the pop culture of that decade! What do you think?

I'd like to feature a lot more artwork on this blog (from myself and others) so keep your eyes peeled for new posts! 

Thanks to @TempSec for taking on camera duties for these pictures! Hope you enjoyed the 50mm experience!