27 July 2011

Shop Now Open!

We would also love for you to have a look at our latest Lookbook. These lookbooks are there to show you our range but also to give style inspiration. We have shown different styles and different types of fitting.

We hope you like our White Tee Capsule Range!

Thank You!

24 July 2011


Look what we found in the corner of the studio at the photoshoot! A fantastic Mr Fox painted on parcel paper! Love at first sight! (We couldn't keep him as he belonged to the guy who owns the studio - but man, were we tempted to steal him!) 

21 July 2011


Hero&Cape (www.heroandcape.com) is a new British fashion label that makes you the hero of the story, with unique hand drawn designs and individually hand printed T-shirts!

The images above are some exclusive previews from behind the scenes of our very first fashion photoshoot! We've got people editing our images, screen printing tees, tweaking the website and networking with you savvy social media lot! (Tweet us @HeroAndCape - and we're on Facebook too!) Our shop will finally be open for business next week! We promise to be a T-Shirt brand with a difference!

There will be behind the scenes gossip, giveaways and special offers to celebrate our launch, so please feel free to follow our blog and come back to visit us again soon! Our team can't wait to show you what the Hero has come up with! We will be back to tell you more about our hand drawn illustrations, our lookbook, T-shirt designs and accessories range!

Photographs by Sarah. More images shown HERE