8 November 2011

Happy Birthday Coca Cola

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Well Coca Cola is 125 years old this year, so I thought I'd dust off my small and humble Coca Cola collection for you guys!

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a total Diet Coke junkie. I'm constantly jonesing for a can, is there a cola equivalent of a nicotine patch?!

I'm not really sure how this collection started but I'm always on the lookout for special editions of things! The can is a 2005 edition designed by Kenzo Takada who is the founder of fashion and cosmetics brand Kenzo. I have no idea where I bought this from but the fact that its branded Coca Cola Light leads my investigative nouse to conclude that its from my travels around Europe or Hong Kong.

The two World Cup bottles were introduced prior to the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, I think these were fairly common as they were sold in supermarkets throughout the UK.

The Night Fusion bottle was actually a new sub brand that Coca Cola introduced in France targeted specifically at clubbers (thats probably the reason theres zero nutrition info and small print, who has the time and the lighting to read a bottle in a club!). I acquired this bottle when I was in Paris with Sarah from Temporary:Secretary circa 2005.

there are so many special edition bottles I'd love to get my hands on but some of them are so exclusive! Natalye Rykiel designed a diet Coke bottle in 1999 and Roberto Cavalli designed one for the Italian market in 2008. More recent collaborations include Zac Posen, Manolo Blahnik and a design by photographer Ellen von Unwerth which will be sold at selected fashion events!

Does anybody know of any other special edition bottles/cans? Or do you have any that you've collected yourselves? I'd love to see your collections too!

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  1. This collection is pretty awesome. I never knew people collected these, surely it would make you want to drink them though? I'm not really a fizzy drink girl, and I especially stay clear of fat boy coke! HA!
    However, the white edition of the coke is some pretty awesome design!